ALFASATCOM-M ESV software designed to verify antenna RF performance over ITU recommendations. This provides an accurate and efficient method for verifying the performance of earth station antennas for secure satellite operation.

System functions:

  • Customer antenna polarization tuning;
  • Measuring ES antenna parameters;
  • Reporting tools.


  • Measuring ES antenna parameters;
  • Measurement instrument automatic control;
  • Advanced reporting tools;
  • Parameters verifying over ITU recomendations;
  • Measurement process visualisation.

Antenna measured parameters:

  • Transmit antenna gain;
  • Transmit antenna pattern;
  • Cross-polarization isolation contours;
  • EIRP stability over time;
  • Spurious.

System implementation:

  • Receive ES antenna in dedicated band;
  • Receive RF equipment and path;
  • Signal switching system;
  • Measurement instrument set;
  • Computing and networking set;
  • GUI software;
  • Server software ALFASAT-М ESV.