Ground station monitoring and control system (M&C) is the complete control instrument for the control and monitoring of satellite earth stations.

System functions:

  • Monitoring and control overall ground station equipment;
  • Monitoring and control redundancy system;
  • Monitoring of unit alarms.


  • User configuration customized;
  • Report generation;
  • Telemetry data graphing / history reporting;
  • Detailed mimic;
  • Reliable equipment control;
  • Client/Server architecture;
  • Friendly graphical user interface;
  • Multi-level password access;
  • Real-time alarm reported;
  • Advanced logging;
  • Wide equipment and protocol variety;
  • Geo sites centralized;
  • Embeded help;
  • Retrofit supported.

System implementation:

  • Interface convertor from dry contact, RS232, RS422, RS485 to Ethernet;
  • Central server, local controller based on Linux;
  • GUI PC;
  • Software ALFASAT-M M&C.