Payload & carrier monitoring system provides by continuously measurements of payload operating and ES traffic in С-, Ku-, DBS-, Ка-bands.

System functions:

  • Payload loading status monitoring;
  • Carrier parameters monitoring over payload consumption;
  • Interference and unwanted signal monitoring.


  • Automatic monitoring payloads, carrier, beacon;
  • Carrier parameters verificarion;
  • Payload and carrier monitoring history;
  • Monitoring process visualization;
  • Advanced statistics and reporting.

Payload monitoring:

  • Payload EIRP and payload percent utilization;
  • Payload bandwidth and percent utilization;
  • Noise level monitoring;
  • Interference and unwanted signal detection;
  • Payload spectrum trace.

Carrier monitoring:

  • Carrier EIRP, stability and payload percent utilization;
  • Carrier bandwidth and payload percent utilization;
  • Carrier frequency and stability;
  • C/N ratio;
  • Carrier spectrum trace.

Digital method of carrier monitoring:

  • Symbol rate;
  • Center frequency;
  • Modulation;
  • Roll-Off.

System implementation:

  • Receive ES antenna in dedicated band;
  • Receive RF equipment and path;
  • Signal switching system;
  • Measurement instrument set;
  • Computing and networking set;
  • GUI software;
  • Server software ALFASAT-М PCM.