In-Orbit Testing (IOT) system provides satellite operators and manufacturers with in-orbit spacecraft transponder measurements, processing and control software, and proven hardware design. System supports: С-, Ku-, DBS-, Ка- bands.

System functions:

  • In-orbit acceptance test;
  • Routine payload monitoring;
  • Anomaly investigation;
  • Data reporting.


  • In-Orbit Test (IOT) measurement system software ALFASAT-M IOT;
  • Measured data analysis & reporting;
  • Graphic mimic for E/S configuration;
  • Remote control via LANs & WANs;
  • Coordinated multiple-site measurements;
  • In-Orbit Test (IOT) systems capable of supporting L-, С-, Ku-, DBS-, Ка-bands;
  • Customized number of antennas/configurations/sites;
  • Software configuration supports a wide variety of E/S configurations and test equipment.


  • Outgazing process support;
  • Flux density & stability;
  • Transponder EIRP & frequency stability;
  • Beacon EIRP & frequency stability;
  • Gain transfer;
  • In-band frequency response & stability;
  • Selectivity;
  • Gain step calibration;
  • Spacecraft antenna gain (cuts);
  • Gain-to-temperature ratio (G/T);
  • Spacecraft receive & transmit antenna cross-polarization isolation;
  • Spacecraft transmit antenna sidelobs;
  • Spacecraft spurious search;
  • Third-order carrier-to-intermodulation (C/I3).

System Implementation:

  • Transmit/receive ES antenna in dedicated band;
  • Transmit/receive RF equipment and path;
  • Signal switching system;
  • Measurement instrument set;
  • Computing and networking set;
  • GUI software;
  • Server software ALFASAT-М IOT.


  • Earth station design, engineering, installation;
  • Support spacecraft assembly, integration, test;
  • Technical support & assistance during In-Orbit Test (IOT) campaign;
  • Customer-specific engineering and development;
  • Consulting;
  • Customer training;
  • Telephone & Internet support.